Located on Starhill Gallery's Muse floor, Starhill Culinary Studio provides Kuala Lumpur's most inspiring culinary experience for all in a professional and sleek environment right in the heart of the city. For the first time ever on Bukit Bintang, a variety of classes will be conducted in an environment of exquisite studios to deliver rewarding experiences.

Starhill Culinary Studio is a unique and beautifully designed haven for epicureans to indulge in their passion for new culinary and lifestyle experiences and is the vessel to show a new way of living. With 12,000 sq. feet dedicated to providing finesse and flair, it will inspire and give insight to the lost art that is creating culinary perfection, indulging in fine dining and wine tasting and exploring the finer things in life.

Kuala Lumpur's finest culinary experts are led by the 'King of the Kitchen', the one and only Chef Wai. A man who has served some of his highly sought dishes to the world's most recognised names and is hailed for his expertise in a range of different cuisines. Chef Wai has never been afraid to extend his already impressive range of skills and knowledge and looks to do so with teaching, while also learning himself, at Starhill Culinary Studio.

The opportunity of learning a range of new daily enriching skills is unavoidable with the wide variety of classes that are available that can be undertaken as a hobby, as part of an activity to do with family or friends or even with your work colleagues as a team bonding experience. In-house and external experts are brought in to lend their expertise to those wanting to drink from the fountain of knowledge that they provide.

The relaxed and inspiring environment is made up of contemporary and state of the art studios that will spark the creative juice. Each studio is designed to deliver an unforgettable experience. Wai's Kitchen will showcase different cooking methods with live demonstrations and interactive classes, teaching how to create amazing dishes from recipes that are usually kept close to a master chef's chest. The Wine Studio will banish popular wine myths and deliver information in an easy-to understand manner by using wine from the infamous Shook! wine cellar which houses the largest collection of vintage wines in Malaysia. Indulge in those savory cravings and explore the heavenly gift that is chocolate, bread and pastries at the Baking Studio and Pastry Studio. Have bespoke themed private dinners and dine in an environment of sophistication and grandeur at the Dining Studio as a meal is prepared by one of the very best Master Chefs, Chef Wai.

Every class is a learning and an eye opening experience in an environment designed to inspire, teach new skills and different cooking techniques by using a variety of ingredients to make new dishes.

Imagination is the only limit to what can be created at Starhill Culinary Studio.

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